Our blocks toys 32PCS

  • 【Price】$
  • 【Size Of Product】32pcs,22pcs,50pcs,
  • 【Delivery Time】15-30 Days
  • 【Material】Solid Wood
    • Building blocks toys NO.1 made in china

      Building blocks toys NO.1 made in china

    Wooden toys , by definition , the raw material for the wood .Divided into: pure wooden toys , synthetic wooden toys, wooden toys, etc. auxiliary .Pure wooden toys , such as: hand- carvings .Synthetic wooden toys , such as: plywood puzzle .Wooden toys aids , such as: wooden inertia cars.2003 China Light Industry Federation awarded to Lishui Yunhe County as " China wooden toys city" Character Area title.2 toy materialDomestic market sales of wooden toys currently the most common materials: pine , Dutch , basswood ,basswood plywood , MDF ( wood composite panels, Often said that the MDF ) , beech , rubber wood .Pine : the cheapest ( imports more e    Toys factory in china
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