Recommended Music toys YY0001

  • 【Price】$
  • 【Size Of Product】28cm*19cm*3.5cm
  • 【Delivery Time】15-30 Days
  • 【Material】Solid Wood

    • music toys for children

      music toys for children

      music toys for children
    He made ??wooden horse with flexible and comfortable , lifelike characteristics, are used by many local circus , has been tracking can still see itShadow , was very popular Trojan. Later , the circus in the Trojan installed four wheels , it becomes the prototype of the ancient carriage .Because wooden horse inspired in the future manufacture of wooden toys , wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden boats, tractors , etc. have a woodenNow , to the present date, wooden aircraft became children 's favorite toys , from this point can be seen, both the long history of wooden toysAnd culture , has given flavor of the times .In other wooden toys , stilts and also the kids loved gyro toys stilts is a very simple wooden toys , entertaining, TuoLo is the most practical production process simple wooden toys, but the most widely used among children , a child playing on the ice gyro , gyro rotation whenWhen you learned mechanics, acceleration of such knowledge , we can say , wooden toys for people contributed to the development of intelligence .
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