Best Educational Toys Wholesale YZ0012

  • 【Price】$
  • 【Size Of Product】23 * 6 * 19cm
  • 【Delivery Time】15-30 Days
  • 【Material】Schima

    • 【Material 】 high-quality Schima
      [Packaging] color box
      [Size] Package size 23 * 6 * 19cm
      [ Accessories] 30 ( includes wooden screwdriver 1 )
      Strongly recommended a puzzle toys can certainly improve your child's ability, thinking ability to create !
      There are screwdrivers, nut , assembly materials, etc. , assembled materials for the wood without paint , nuts, screws and other accessories with colors, namely red, green, yellow , color saturation , exquisite , exquisite workmanship , let your baby play to their imagination spell out a variety of different shapes, different shapes of buildings and other structures , this product mainly for babies over 2 years of research and production , the main purpose is to give full play to the baby's overall thinking ability, so the assembly relative some difficulty, please parents patient and guide with pictures , a correct understanding of the true meaning of this product , encourage the baby do not easily give up , try, try again , success is at hand .....
      Educational purposes :
      Meet name of the tool , shape, understand their function , let your baby first learning how to use tools , exercise flexibility in small hands , let your baby familiar with the product structure , and the game can conjure up a variety of forms , to stimulate the baby of things interest. Let your baby and give full play to their imagination, can be combined with real tools to compare their specific use, exercise your baby's observation and combined capabilities , which the baby is a gradual process , the baby is fine motor and spatial perception of the sensitive period , do such exercises , the baby with the help of very large.
      This product is mainly baby's ability to practice , while opponents , eye coordination and overall ability to achieve exercise your baby's focus on the spirit
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